Monthly Archives: November 2018

George’s Marvellous Medicine Experience Morning : Making Our Own Potions

This morning we made our own potions.  First we thought of what we wanted our potion to do.  Then we went on a scavenger hunt for different items to put in our potion. We tried to find one of each of the following and stored it in our potion pot (an egg box).

Next we mixed a magical Robin potion (using the dye from the sky, the dust from the eyes of a thousand fairies and the leaves from the magical mint tree) that would go with our items from the hunt and make our potion work.  Finally we put it all in the bottle and shook it 8 times.  A label was added and our potion making was complete.  Here are some pictures to show what we did.

‘How can we make a museum about us?’

This term we found out all about ourselves.  This ranged from learning about the human body in Science to writing about our appearance, hobbies and interests in Big Write to creating paper plates of our favourite food in Art.

As a way of sharing this with Robin families we decided that we would create a class museum and invite families in to share it with us.  The museum ended up being a celebration of everything we have achieved this term – thank you parents for joining in with the interactive birthday song.

It has been lovely getting to know Robin Class in Term 1.  They are a fun bunch of learners really keen to learn and explore.  We are looking forward to the Christmas term so rest easy over the holidays because it’s going to be a busy one!!